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I work with each student to help them realize their own goals and potential

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CALL ME AT 612-807-2907 at anytime. I turn my phone off during lessons but I will call you back asap.

My band "Crooked Dice is available for live performance contact or call 612-724-3646
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I started taking lessons from Mike back in March of 2011. Let's say right off the bat that this teacher is REALLY FUN to learn from! He's extremely patient and takes his time walking me through every facet of learning to play the guitar. He's professionally trained and can read music and tabs like the back of his hand. His knowledge of the guitar and all the genres associated with playing it really astound me at times - I mean he knows this instrument. He's good about making sure I don't fall into any bad habits. He's got a really great sense of humor and an excellent sense of timing the quality of each each lesson. Basically, no time is wasted in that every lesson is well thought out. He's organized and stays on task without being rigid. One of my favorite things about taking lessons from him is he will mold to your tastes and does teach you what songs and styles you like which in turn gets you excited and therefore you tend to improve faster. Nice studio type setting. Comfortable. He's diligent in getting back you if you have any questions or schedule conflicts. Oh, lastly I forgot to mention he's an incredible guitar player (extremely fast, and accurate skills) plays in a band, and lastly is genuine.  

-John B
current student